Event History

For the past 12 years, the YOUCAN Youth Services Comedy Nights Fundraiser has been supported by Edmonton and the surrounding area. We held our first Comedy Night event in 2010, raising just over $22,000. Since then, we have been in a variety of locations leading to our incredible partnership with The Comic Strip in 2021. Our event has grown from a one-night event with 150 guests, to a six-night extravaganza with over 1400 guests in attendance.

The support from YOUCAN Youth Services Comedy Nights Partners, Guests, and Donors every year has contributed to the overall success of our organization. The Comedy Nights ensures YOUCAN Youth Services continues to help support our youth. Since 2010, the success of our Comedy Nights has helped raise $1.85 million for YOUCAN Youth Services. We are excited for you to come and experience a fundraiser like no other supporting a cause that is so important to our community.

Comedy Night(s) Highlights

12th Annual Comedy Nights
11th Annual Comedy Nights
10th Annual Comedy Nights
9th Annual Comedy Night