About YOUCAN Youth Services

YOUCAN Youth Services is a charitable organization dedicated to empowering youth so they have the knowledge, support, and skills to remove themselves from at risk lifestyles. We assist young people in transitioning into employment or back into education. Our mission is “to help young people out of harm’s way and onto a path of economic independence."

We believe in a 50/50 attitude and a RELENTLESS approach when working with young people: we will work very hard for them, but we expect them to work hard for themselves. Our end goals for the youth we work with are: stay in school, return to school, or secure and maintain employment. If these end goals are achieved, this will ensure economic independence in the future for the youth of our programs.

Daily our outreach staff are dealing with youth homelessness, transient lifestyles, school issues, lack of employment, court support, addictions, gang involvement, and mental health. Our staff is committed to building strong relationships with youth while advocating ways to successfully remove themselves from high-risk lifestyles. The work we do is crucial in the lives of the youth we work with.

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